RopeQ Magnetic Rope Inspection

Wire rope safety

Throughout?the working life of a wire rope, the wires, strands and core that comprise the wire rope are subjected to tension, bending and abrasion. If too many of these wires are broken or the core is damaged, the strength and safety of the rope is compromised.

During a typical inspection, only the outer wires and strands of the wire rope can be visually inspected. Konecranes RopeQ? technology and non-destructive testing methodology analyzes the condition of the internal wires, strands and wire rope core that are not typically visible.


RopeQ wire rope inspection

RopeQ is recommended for any wire rope application and is particularly useful in process cranes in constant use, cranes that are used only occasionally, ropes that are particularly hard to inspect visually and in post-accident inspections.

A wire rope inspection can help improve safety by detecting non-visible defects. By optimizing wire rope change intervals in process duty and other critical equipment, you can minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs. In some situations, perfectly compliant and safe ropes might be changed out due to lack of accurate and complete rope condition data.


Benefits of RopeQ Magnetic Rope Inspection

  • Improved safety from detecting non-visible defects
  • Optimized wire rope change interval
  • Repeatable and reliable results
  • A report that is easy to read and interpret, completed with recommendations for action
  • Helps fulfill statutory requirements for occasional-use equipment that has been idle