ControlPro Retrofit

Increased safety and effective monitoring with a ControlPro retrofit

The ControlPro Retrofit has been designed to record crane usage data and allows for the addition of features such as overload protection and TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring. ControlPro is available as a retrofit package for all cranes, regardless of type, brand or age.

Thousands of ControlPro units have already been installed on different types of cranes to improve the safe and efficient use of the crane. In addition to overloads, ControlPro is also able to capture other usage data from the hoist such as emergency stops, hoist motor starts and work cycles. ControlPro can also provide over- temperature protection when applicable sensors are in place.


TRUCONNECT Modem Upgrade?

A TRUCONNECT modem can be installed on?all cranes with ControlPro units to provide connection capability for TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring.


TRUCONNECT Retrofit Kit for cranes not manufactured by Konecranes?

The TRUCONNECT Retrofit Kit has been designed to equip a crane not manufactured?by Konecranes with the hardware required for TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring.


TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring collects condition, usage and operating data from control systems and sensors on an asset and provides alerts of certain anomalies. Remote Monitoring data is used in maintenance planning and in predicting possible component or equipment failure. This data and other crane usage information is visible on

Remote Monitoring benefits:

  • Supports predictive maintenance?
  • Maintenance actions can be planned based on estimated component condition i.e. estimated remaining life
  • Provides knowledge of the remaining design working period (DWP) and remaining service life of selected components such as hoist, brakes, structures and contactors
  • Provides asset usage and operating information that is used to assess crane condition and safety
  • Notifies you of brake service life, hoist overloads, emergency-stops and over-temperature occurrences through text or email alerts, allowing for prompt response