Compliance inspections for overhead cranes

Inspections for regulatory compliance

Konecranes has become a leader in crane service around the world because of our focus on customers and expertise on local inspection requirements. Compliance Inspections are designed to satisfy regulatory requirements established by governmental authorities.

In countries where there are no statutory requirements for compliance inspections or when you need an inspection to simply ascertain the condition of your equipment, we offer various inspection products based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and our industry experience and expertise.

These products include:

  • Electrical Inspection
  • Konecranes Periodic Inspection
  • Inspection Assistance
  • Konecranes Enhanced Periodic Inspection
  • Konecranes Frequent Inspection
  • Konecranes Major Inspection
  • Mechanical Inspection


We understand your requirements - this knowledge is what sets us apart for crane inspections

Having an annual compliance inspection does not make you compliant. Regulations in most countries?and industry best practices?require much more. Regulations often require preventive maintenance, repairs to address deficiencies, lifetime inspections, general overhauls, engineering evaluations and load tests. Konecranes offers both compliance and preventive maintenance inspections and can provide one, or both, depending upon your local requirements.


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