TRUCONNECT Remote Support

Global network of crane support experts

TRUCONNECT? Remote Support provides 24/7 access to a global network of crane experts and specialists, offering problem solving and troubleshooting to help reduce unplanned downtime. In controlled circumstances, two-way communication with the machines and their operators can be established in order to expedite corrective action. Remote Support is ideally suited for extremely remote locations.

Konecranes experts are available by phone to respond to problems and begin troubleshooting at time of contact. Remote Support staff can diagnose issues and identify appropriate corrective action, including the need for on-site maintenance or spare parts.

TRUCONNECT Remote Support is currently available for rubber tired gantry cranes and various engineered industrial cranes in selected regions.


Benefits of TRUCONNECT Remote Support

  • Short lead time to begin troubleshooting helps minimize downtime
  • Troubleshooting for problems that require high-level technical expertise
  • Quick response support for even extremely remote locations
  • Support 24/7 from one easy point of contact, available by phone
  • Helps identify the need for corrective on-site maintenance actions and spare parts which may eliminate unnecessary site visit